Sfatec Advantage

Professional Workwear Rental Services
from Start to Finish

1. Flexible Offering - you take the decision to buy or rent

Based on several years of experience we very well know that customer needs will be very unique and specific. As SFATEC is the only company offering both Product Sales and Workwear rental Service it allows us to match your needs more accurately in comparison to other service providers. This gives enormous flexibility to our customers in deciding the right type of Workwear program for their different requirements from one source and also in keeping the overall Workwear budget under control.

2. Supply Chain Integrated Service - you get guaranteed quality and delivery

We are the only company in the market with our Rental Service integrated directly with company owned Workwear manufacturing facility. This gives us a distinctive advantage over other players to offer you both standard and customized Workwear programs with superior clothing quality, faster deliveries and enhanced service at competitive terms. As most of our competitors outsource the Workwear production to third party vendors your Workwear will be produced by a non OEM producer where there no will be no guarantee of quality & delivery reliability for your contracts.

3. Most Advanced Service Information System - enhanced support for your audit process

We are the only company in the market to run the Workwear rental service on a 100% Information Technology enabled platform. This enables us to manage & monitor the service with high levels of accuracy, efficiency. Whatever be the service information reports required for your internal and third party audits could be provided instantaneously by us. Whether it may be about Workwear usage of particular department or a particular employee or life cycle of a single Workwear item you would like to know everything is possible through our Technology enabled Service Information System. In fact we are the very first company to bring the Data Matrix based identification and Tracking Solutions as an integral part of the Workwear rental service to all our rental customers .

4. Solid Business Foundation - service gurantee for long term

Being an Indian Service company with the group having more than 50 years of successful presence in the Indian market you can expect guaranteed service stability from us for the future in comparison to other players. As we don’t have the need to manage huge foreign exchange risks this allows us to keep our prices much stable than most of our competitors. Also as both our Workwear manufacturing facility and Laundry facilities are company owned it gives us much better resilience over our competitors in serving our customers for long term with commitment. Also being an Indian company with deeper roots you can be rest assured of the commitment & stability of the contracts you entre with us.

5. Service Innovation – enhanced benefits to you

Whether it may be Workwear design, Production of Workwear, laundry equipments ,Laundry chemistry, Quality systems ,Workwear identification & Marking solutions, Technology based Service tracking, Staff training & development,Service delivery everything is benchmarked with the best practices from across the Globe and also innovated at every stage. As we are a Hightec Workwear rental Service Company we don’t carry a lot of beauracracy of the past and our customers get the most Innovated benefits of the Total Workwear rental service tailored to their local requirements which our competitors cannot match with.