Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore


First Indian workwear rental service company


Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore


  • Professional on-site need analysis
  • On-site wearer trials
  • Incorporating Brand or Company Identity
  • Wearerwise Electronically marked Workwear
  • Advanced & Hygienic Laundry Processing
  • Scheduled Pick-up and Delivery of Workwear
  • Continuous Quality Inspection of work wear
  • Automatic Workwear repairs
  • Replacement
  • Need based total inventory management
Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Emblem Solution

  • Our optional Emblem solution provides you the opportunity to advertise your company or brand by using the Workwear program as a medium for promotion.
  • Emblem solution enhances your intrinsic brand value & corporate identity.
  • Makes your staff look professional & easily identifiable.
  • Our Emblem solution communicates reliability of your product or service to your end customers & enhances customer loyalty.
  • Creates a sense of pride & enhances the employee’s engagement with your company.
Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Locker Rental

Our Optional Locker Rental is an innovative concept of storing, dispensing & returning the Individual Workwear.

Our collection cabinet provides the ease of just dropping soiled Workwear into it & keeps your workplace clean & tidy.

Sfatec locker system also solves the problem of missing & lost work uniform.

Each wearer is allotted his own personal locker with key for managing his Workwear. This gives complete flexibility to access his allotted personal Workwear.

Avoids the need for you to have a separate dispensing counter.


Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Release of Capital

As it will not be necessary for purchasing your own work uniform, the rental solution releases capital that can be invested into your core business activities.

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Superior Hygiene

Your company & employees will get the benefit of superior hygiene as we use advanced laundering technology for maintaining your work uniform.

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Better Cost Control

As you will be very clear about the monthly or weekly cost of the rental program, your budgeting becomes much easier & will be in your control.

Our rental solution eliminates the need to control cost of multiple activities like fabric procurement, garmenting, customization, laundering, repairs & replacements, reordering.

Sfatec rental become the one stop solution to control your total cost associated with work uniform management.

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Enhanced Safety

You get enhanced safety for your process & people because of the right fabrics, design & high quality making of the Workwear in our own facility

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Consistent Image Guarantee

As the Workwear is fully monitored & controlled on weekly basis at all the stages of rental cycle, your need to maintain consistent business image is fully guaranteed under our Workwear rental program.

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Saving Admin Time

As we take charge of the full Workwear program management from design, Workwear making, fitting, customization, laundering, repairs, replacements to issue of new Workwear, size management & inventory management, the rental solution lifts the entire burden of Workwear management from your shoulders & brings in huge time and resources saving for your company

This also results in huge savings of your intangible cost which normally does not come to your attention.

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Improved Employee Engagement

As your employees are always guaranteed of hygienic Workwear that fits them rightly also meeting out to the expected image & safety standards there will be tremendous improvement in their engagement with your company.

Workwear Manufacturers in Bangalore

Flexible Inventory Management

Under the full program rental model, our stock room becomes your inventory back office & provides you faster solutions for outfitting new employees, handling size change requests, managing returns & other special requirement you may need