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Solving 5 common problems with a uniform rental program

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Uniform rental services are opted generally to stay away from the unnecessary hassles of cloth production and handling. Lots of companies are there which are giving their uniform rental services to the companies. Most of the times, we find it easy to use their services. But, there are some common problems with these programs. You must be aware of them before using a rental service. If you manage to find a good workwear rental company like SFATEC, everything will go without any problem. But, in this article, we will discuss some common issues which might appear while using a uniform rental program.

Poor Company Branding

The biggest problem arises when we get the uniform rental program is the poor branding on the work wears. This can happen due to the inability of the firm to properly embed the logo and texts. It might be an issue with the audit team which performs the initial steps of finding the company needs. This can ruin the whole beauty of the clothes and it can result in the lack of team unity in the company. To stay away from this problem, you should tall your uniform rental service to show you some samples of how they do the company branding on the uniforms.

Uniform Damage and replacement

Some firms make huge promises while doing deals with uniform rental services. But, in the case of physical damages to the clothes, they keep refraining from the replacement services. This thing can result in lots of problems to your industrial processes. To stay away from this issue, you should check some uniforms previously manufactured by the firm. If you find them good, then do the deal otherwise stay away from that firm.

Quality of the uniforms

It is another big problem with uniform rental programs. Sometimes, these uniforms come up in very poor quality. These uniforms can result in various accidents in the industries too. You should find a good and reliable firm for your uniform rental work. SFATEC will be the best choice for this. In order to stay from this problem, take a deep check of how the supplier company is manufacturing the uniforms. Also, ensure that they are using the good material for making these clothes.


Some firms keep increasing the cost of their rental services tremendously. This can lead to various financial issues in your company. You must do a prior deal about the overall costs of rental services. Make sure to clear everything about the cost enhancements. If you do not do this, you might have to face various unnecessary hassles. To save you from this problem, make a legal document about the price structure of the rental services.

Program Customization

The rental company should be able to customize the services as per your needs. If you want any improvement or changes in the uniforms, the company must be able to do it. Make sure to confirm the capabilities of the firm before assigning it for your work.

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