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Retail Uniforms

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As with many, it may have happened to you as well — you strolled into a supermarket and not known who the supermarket’s staff was and who the customers were – They were all dressed in civil clothes after all! 

 Well, believe it or not, many have had similar experiences and it’s no surprise that apart from potentially embarrassing situations, supermarkets and retail stores that have NOT implemented uniforms for their staff, have seen a negative impact on the buyer’s purchase decision. 


 For argument’s sake, let’s assume a retail store hasn’t implemented uniforms for their staff and have instead pinned on straightforward name ids for the employees. 

  What’s the worst that can happen?

  Truth be told, there is an immense effect on client experience. Customers do feel disappointed with not having the option to identify a store representative instantly or that they may have to go hunting all over the supermarket looking for one — just to find there probably was one standing right next to him/her, but they just couldn’t tell because the employee was dressed in casuals. 


 Numerous retailers commit the error of not implementing uniforms for their staff thinking that it’s alright for the company image if the staff expresses their independence by way of their personal choice in attire (think of worst case scenarios like employees dressed in metal spikes or studs, chains, military-style boots, kutten vests, and ripped jeans).

  The issue is, while this might be useful for the employee, it does work to negatively impact the customer in one way or another and in the end, negative brand image is something your business can do WITHOUT. 

Brand image:
As far as a retailer’s brand image and uniforms are concerned, one has to remember that customer experience is also closely linked to the employee’s appearance, in that, an appropriately dressed crew wearing a unified set of uniforms positively affects the buyer’s choice. A disintegrated looking crew, on the other hand, presents a lack of clarity with regards to the retailer’s corporate identity.

Besides, speaking from a factual point of view, it’s proven that clients PREFER to purchase from an employee who is dressed in uniform. Conceded, of course, that the uniform is clean, hygienic, and well-maintained, obviously.


Retail store employees usually have a hands-on job, in that they may have to show the use of a product to customers, be involved in rounding up the inventory and ordering new merchandise, readying the products for purchase and helping line-up the products on the store’s racks.  

 In this case, the correct sort of uniform can help the employee feel more secure. For instance, color-coded uniforms make employees effectively recognizable when consignments are delivered and the process of lining-up the merchandise begins.


Uniforms are a powerful method to make an impactful early introduction to clients about your organization. In the retail business, this is especially important as an intelligently dressed workforce can make clients feel increasingly confident while they’re collaborating with them, and it is true that smart-looking uniforms radiate an official feel.


While most retailers do appreciate the upsides of implementing uniforms for their workforce, there are some restraints as well.

  If there’s a single type of uniform for all the employees, it can lead to confined portability for the employee and obstruct expediency over the long haul. Besides, the uniform that works for, say, employees in the pharma industry, may not work for the retail industry. They can obstruct your brand image personality or look unseemly for your workspace.

  A simple trick to deal with this issue is to make sure that you rent uniforms that are explicitly intended for your industry. 


Uniforms are ideal for the retail industry and while there are drawbacks, do remember that they can be easily dealt with. Choose the right kind of uniform, specific to your line of retail business and get started with a uniform rental program that follows the best washing, laundering, and maintenance protocols. 

  If you have queries related to the pricing structure of uniform rental programs or want a customized solution for your retail store, get in touch with SFATEC’s uniform rental specialists today – They will respond to every one of your inquiries and assist you with a uniform rental program that works for you!

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