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How does SFATEC Workwear Rental service work?

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SFATEC is a leading workwear firm providing the best work clothes for various industries. But, we are also highly recognized for our workwear rental services. Rental services are beneficial for the companies as compared to the actual cloth purchases. We are highly helpful for the companies which need fully customized and high-quality workwear on the rents. Our rental work cloth services are being used by many companies. We are currently serving hundreds of companies with our best quality workwear rental services. So, if you are also looking for this service, it is necessary to know something about it. In this article, we will know how SFATEC workwear rental service works.

On-site requirement Audit

Once you assign us for the industrial cloth rental work, we will send a professional team to check your requirements. We have highly expert staff to gather information about your industry type, climate, hygiene requirements, etc. According to this data, we do further planning the whole manufacturing process.

Wearer Trials

We also do some workwear trials on the workers. It helps us to determine the type, size, and material of the clothes. We use sample clothes to do this. Once we are cleared with the trial, we will discuss further things.

Brand Identity

According to your needs, we get information about brand identity requirements. Ranging from logo, texts and colours of the clothes, we gather all the information which is best suited for your company.

Manufacturing using the best strategies

Once we gather all the data about your needs, it is the time to manufacture the desired work wears. Using our best quality production tactics and machinery, we are able to manufacture your demanded clothes in very less time.


We have fast and accurate delivery services to drop the workwear at the desired place. You will get the work wears in your company with our help. These clothes will be absolutely ready to wear.

Regular Quality inspections

Our work does not end with the order delivery. We take total care of the quality of the workwear. We have a dedicated team to check the quality and performance of the workwear. In the case of any huge defect in the workwear or poor quality, we have the arrangements for the amendments too.

Repair and Replacement

Everyone knows there is a lifetime of everything. The clothes which are used in the harsh industrial environment are going to be damaged one day. But, do not worry, our quality team checks these things regularly. If there is a need for any kind of repair or the whole replacement, we will do it quickly.

SFATEC is committed to serving you with the world-class workwear rental services. So, we will do everything which can benefit you. But, once you are with us, we will make sure to serve you with the highest degree of perfection. You will be able to focus more on your core business works and less on these things. We will handle everything related to your industrial workwear.

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