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Should You Buy Uniforms or Get a Rental Uniform Service

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To rent uniforms or not to rent: that is the question.

Or is it a good idea to purchase the uniforms outright instead?

Well, the questions have quite a few layered answers, and below we’ll attempt to give you a vis-à-vis rundown of both.


Did you know that most ongoing reports and surveys have found that more than 80 percent of entrepreneurs thought uniforms were the most superior type of branding vehicle as compared to publicizing in the newspaper, TV, and radio? And it is unmistakably one of the reasons that a huge number of organizations are being drawn towards uniforms for their employees.

But, as an entrepreneur yourself, you know that deciding to implement standardized workwear (uniform) for your company employees is a major choice but even bigger than that is: To buy or to rent them?

The argument

 While buying uniforms outright may appear to be a more financially savvy decision, there are many advantages to getting started with a uniform rental service instead. Let’s take a look at the highlights and challenges, shall we?

It’s all about the money, honey!

 As an entrepreneur, you have a business to run and the cost-effectiveness of every decision involving money should be worthy of substantial deliberation, right?

 Highlight No. 1:

By way of a rental service, obtaining company uniforms becomes the least expensive choice since most rental organizations usually have a convenient monetary instalment system, so you don’t have to part with hard cash all at once – We know we at SFATEC do!


Purchasing uniforms means you will have to wash, maintain and worry about the storage of uniforms yourself. Additionally, you will have to utilize whatever assets your company has (or pump money into bigger industrial-sized machinery) for regularly washing the employee’s uniforms.

This implies long haul investment over and above the underlying expense of the outright purchase of uniforms. Another expense that usually pops up is that of water and power utilization, not to mention the dedicated employment of housekeeping staff who will need to manage the washing and laundering duties.

 Time is money too

Uniform leasing companies take care of the jobs that you as a business owner DON’T have time for.

 Highlight No. 2:

From collecting the uniforms to regularly laundering soiled clothes, from undertaking repair work to disinfecting & ironing uniforms, and lastly, delivering it at the company’s doorstep, the responsibility of your company’s uniform rests end-to-end with the leasing company – And that’s a great thing, isn’t it?

At the point when you rent uniforms from us, SFATEC will deal with all the nitty-gritty’s with a smile, leaving your employees to return to finish the jobs that create income for your organization.


The onuses of the upkeep besides the regular maintenance costs, however negligible, are going to have to be borne by you – Do you have the time for that?

Inventory, Inventory, Inventory

Uniform rental services, such as ours, have an advance stock of uniforms catering to a host of varied industries.

Highlight No. 3:

From self-protective workwear to heatproof uniforms, from anti-static to static and micro-organism-proof outfits, uniform rental services usually have a ready stock of uniforms for a cross-area of organizations.

Besides, not having to purchase your own set of uniforms also means your company will set aside some much-needed working capital and you are never going to be left with used uniforms that your previous employees left behind when they quit your organization.


A potential challenge here is that of compliance- Depending on the business, you might need to worry about the uniform’s safety compliance issues and ensure that the uniforms you’ve purchased are compliant at every stage.

With an experienced uniform rental service, you can be sure that they will have every regulatory check & compliance statutory approval in place, so you need not fret about that aspect ever!

The uniform rental service of choice

Being the first uniform rental service in the country, SFATEC has an inventory stock for each vertical, in nearly almost every industry.

Additionally, at SFATEC, we have reliably delivered the highest caliber of uniforms that have served their purpose of sturdiness or protection, as the case may be. With an individualized, customer-centric approach, we’ve helped our customers at each phase of their business and are proud to have been their partners in success.

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