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Picking Out Corporate Uniforms

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Are your company’s sales representatives and office staff dressing appropriately when they meet the company’s clients? Are your employees sharply dressed enough to look the part in a power meeting? 

  If you need to think of the answer, maybe it’s time you rethink your company’s official dress code.

Clothes maketh the man

In today’s day and age, the right kind of attire, disposition, professional conduct, and mannerisms come together to create a favourable first impression. And favourable first impressions do matter, especially if your line of work involves frequent B2B interactions, board and company meetings, and direct customer liaison. 

As it goes, smart corporate attire or uniforms is the foremost element when it comes to creating a positive first impression.

However, a great many people consider work uniforms as attire worn only by modern labourers like supermarket employees or assembly line labourers. 

  The truth is, however, very different. 

  Company officials of every rank, sales representatives and associate staff who work with clients regularly require a sharp, proficient appearance that SFATEC’s corporate uniforms can give.

Why even employees value the ‘cohesive’ look

 It is no secret that company officials and employees at every level find corporate uniforms the most hassle-free way to dress for work every day. What’s more, when the corporate attire is fashionable yet functional like polo t-shirts or traditional work shirts paired with khakis or pleated trousers, the corporate look is one that both – the employees and clients will come to appreciate.

 Moreover, various researches have proven that the drawing intensity of corporate attire emblazoned with company logos makes a marked difference in the client’s perceptibility factor – The see workers who wear custom corporate attire emblazoned with the company logo as being progressively educated and fully capable of handling the merchandise and business their organizations offer. 

Beyond this, customized corporate clothing likewise improves employee morale by making them feel they are valued contributors belonging to a cohesive group of fellow associates.

  Should corporate uniforms be Fashionable or Functional?

When you’re picking out corporate uniforms for your staff, you must bear in mind that some employees will leave the organization and there will be new joiners too – So it’s best to pick styles that are not too bold or fashionable. 

  Additionally, bold styles can be very diverting at the workplace. That is the reason it’s a smart idea to opt for conservative shirts and khakis or polo t-shirts and pleated trousers – They’re great, straightforward, and conventional. 

  Do remember that when your representatives address a customer, the customer should concentrate on them and what they need to state. Opting for uniforms that can be potentially distracting such as polka spots, wide stripes, and textures with a high sheen can be too diverting to the eye and we at SFATEC, don’t exhort that your workers wear them.

 Custom fitted corporate attire consistently looks better and plaids and unobtrusive styles that seem strong from over a room are the most secure choices to go for. Traditional hues and textures are a standard with most of SFATEC’s clients and they prefer to opt for corporate uniforms that are dull dark or naval blue. 

Set aside some cash by leasing uniforms 

If you’re thinking of investing in the purchase of top-of-the-line corporate uniforms for your staff, do note that it can set you back by some big bucks. 

  With a uniform rental service, you’ll be spared the better part of your working capital and have one less thing to do, especially when it comes to regular washing, laundering, ironing and maintaining the corporate uniforms

  What’s more, you’ll also save up on the laundering expenses that you’d otherwise have to incur. And to be honest, washing costly, custom-fitted corporate uniforms can get mighty expensive not to mention complicated, and so it’s best left to the experts. 


SFATEC’s wide-extending range of corporate uniforms

If you’ve been considering getting corporate uniforms for your staff, look no further. SFATEC has been the foremost uniform rental service for different enterprises with specialization in custom-fitted corporate attire that is perfectly tailored to suit the businesses our clients work in. 

Be its uniforms for the drug or medicine, automobile, food or social insurance industry, SFATEC can supply the workwear attire you require, at the delivery schedules you need.

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