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Defensive overalls or coveralls are mandatory in some industries and are utilized as a uniform for certain occupations where rigors of the professions call for protection of the wearer. Numerous enterprises mandate coveralls to shield their staff from unsafe materials, or to facilitate in keeping their garments spotlessly neat even when they’re going to be working with cement, paint, water, or grease throughout the day. 

  While coveralls come in different cuts, fabrics, and bulk relying upon the needs of the profession, certain jobs call on the staff to wear coveralls that have fluid, taut constructions that keeps out dampness or protect the wearer from risky materials. Some others need coveralls that are made with defensive textures that keep the staff cool even when working in front of hot temperatures. 

Either way, coveralls are made to ensure that the employees are safe from harm’s way and are secure & comfortable while they’re on the job.

At SFATEC, we have clients that need coveralls that are water, scratch safe and protective against cold winds. These kinds of coveralls are thicker than standard coveralls yet they don’t confine the motility of the wearer. Ideal for those that have cold chain businesses or jobs that require employees to work in snow or ice, these kinds of coveralls provide an extra, fortified layer of protection for the wearer, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Now, if you’ve been thinking of picking coveralls for your employees, here are a few important points that you should consider –

 Maintenance of cleanliness

Some professions require employees to work in damp or muddy workplaces and therefore wear defensive overalls or coveralls so that their garments stay spotless, even when they’re working with water, mud, cement or oil. 

  Usually, anglers, electricians, factory workers, ranchers, maintenance engineers and painters or decorators require overalls or coveralls at work. 

Protects from hot or cold temperatures 

For industries where the place of work mandates employees to work in harsh, rough weather, defensive overalls or coveralls provide a protective layer of warmth or coolness even when the employees are outside at work in the toughest of conditions. 

  Likewise, waterproof coveralls help to keep the staff clean and dry even when there is a heavy downpour. 

  Besides, since coveralls are typically worn over the whole body, they are intended to be a free article of clothing that can be effectively put on over the garments worn inside and immediately taken off when required. 

SFATEC stocks an assortment of coveralls with different thicknesses, textures, and fabrics, some lined to keep the wearer warm in ice-cold temperatures and some that keep the individual cool even in the scorching heat. At times, the coveralls incorporate a hood so that even the head is secured. 

  Usually, bricklayers, oil rig laborers, those who are employed with the public utility department and even those who are working in cold/ hot atmospheres require warmth/ breathability in their defensive overalls. 

 An important line of defense

Overalls or coveralls, as the name suggests, cover the body from head to toe and as such, are viewed as protective security gear for specific occupations. Since they can be made in an assortment of hues, they are of effective use in the defense forces or with security agencies. 

  Coveralls, when utilized by the defense forces, are used to assign category or positions, or then again for protective security purposes as they shield the body from abrasions in the field or water when at sea.

One solution is all you need

 SFATEC has been the pioneering uniform rental service of choice for a plethora of industries across India. As such, we offer a wide-ranging variety of uniforms, coveralls/ overalls or protective wear aside from workwear uniforms that are custom made as per our client’s prerequisites.

  Need to get started with a uniform rental service? Have inquiries concerning our pricing structure? Call us, we’ll be happy to help!

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