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How Colors Influence Your Work

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Colours have a great deal of functionality at the workplace and several studies have demonstrated what each colour stands to represent on a professional and personal level. As a business owner, if you’ve considered uniforms for your employees, think of discussing the colours of your new work uniform with the uniform rental service you employ. 

  Why colours matter

 While most of us tend to think of corporate workwear as being mostly monochromatic, various investigations have endeavoured to understand how uniform shades influence employee behaviour. 

  And what results did the studies prove, you might ask?

  Well, on a very basic level, when your employees wear coloured uniforms at work, it helps support their feeling of having a place in the organization. 

  And this is important because your employees are not simply pinions in an anonymous workplace – They are important co-members in your organization’s success. 

 Allow us to illustrate this with another example- 

 Notice how some workplaces make you feel either jumpy or help to put you at complete ease – Again, that’s the colour speaking. 

  Numerous researches have proven that beyond the cosmetic value, certain colours such as blue-toned surroundings, help employees feel more at peace and cheerful. This, in turn, helps them become increasingly profitable and effective co-members in the organization. 

 While most of us associate the dark colour with animosity, in an office setting, a dark-toned work uniform radiates authority and polished skill. Dark uniforms assist individuals with feeling increasingly sure, which causes them to ably perform in fast-paced, high-pressure settings, for example, upscale eateries. 

 Colours Encourage Cooperation 

 A characteristic consequence of having coloured uniforms at the workplace is that it expands brand mindfulness and builds up a corporate character, especially when you use the brand colours effectively. 

  In the narrative of encouraging inter-office collaboration, coloured uniforms have been known to encourage cooperation among employees. 

And it is no secret that by having a cohesive workforce, your organization stands to benefit in ways immeasurable.

Impacting Buying Behaviour

Especially relevant for those who are in the hospitality, restaurant or F&B business, one will find that red and yellow uniforms are an omnipresent reality. For reasons that go beyond the mere conveyance of cheerfulness, these colours assist in passing on the sentiments of fervour and joy, encouraging customers to eat, drink and be merry!

 In other industries, certain well thought our colour uniforms help motivate clients to buy more items (think sales persons wearing green t-shirts selling herbal, nature-based products). 

  In resorts, spas and places related to health & well-being, the shade of a green uniform is meant to immediately imply healing, health, and nature. As such, green uniforms are reminiscent of fresh outside air and lush vegetation and for companies that are in the creative business, green uniforms evoke elevated levels of reasoning and imagination. 

  Blue consistently holds a numero uno position when it comes to corporate uniforms. Affecting positive client buys, implying trust & reliability, and inspiring confidence, blue uniforms are the go-to colours for work uniforms in any industry.

  The uniform rental service that assists every step of the way

Given the efficacy and popularity of coloured uniforms, it is easy to see why organizations and business owners find that the value of ‘colours’ extends beyond financial bottom lines – They add meaningfulness to the company’s trajectory and add heft to the corporate character.

 Being the primary uniform rental service in India, SFATEC has coloured uniforms for every vertical, in about pretty much every industry. 

 Furthermore, at SFATEC, we have dependably supplied custom-colour uniforms for various industries and have fulfilled their needs of achieving higher sales, inspiring confidence among their customers, or evoking creativity among employees – As the case may be!

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