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Haccp Compliance In The Food Industry

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There are two primary objectives that food processing uniforms in food handling industries need to achieve: ensure the wearer is safe and secure the food items being handled. 

On the off chance that hazardous incidents with employees or food item contaminations are repeating issues in your food handling business, you have to assess how your items are being dealt with. 

The HACCP food processing uniforms your workers are wearing might be causing the issue. 

In this article, we’ll cover the guidelines to ensure that your food processing uniforms are compliant with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) models.

 What is HACCP compliance & why is it important?

 HACCP is a Food Hazard Assessment method that oversees sanitation perils in the food handling business. Food handling SOPs are usually founded on HACCP standards and businesses dealing with food are expected to comply with them.


HACCP includes: 

 1. Understanding, managing, and dealing with ‘what’ your food business is about, what could turn out badly (in low-medium-high key disasters) and what dangers there are to sanitation in food handling. 

2. Distinguishing the touch-points and control focuses a business needs to concentrate on to guarantee those dangers are separated or diminished to safe levels. 

3. Choosing what process you have to follow if something turns out badly.

Acquainted with the rudiments of HACCP guidelines and usage, let’s take a look at how you can ensure your business conforms to FDA guidelines concerning food processing uniforms. 

 Ensuring food processing uniforms compliance with HACCP

Food processing uniforms are designed to ensure neatness, immaculate sanitation, sterility, and security. They are supposed to shield the staff from equipment and unsafe materials (assuming any) just as keeping themselves clean without any types of pathogens and contaminants when managing food products. 

This is the reason food processing uniforms are a smidgen unique with other industry uniforms. 

No details, embellishments or buttons: 

It may seem obvious but food processing uniforms for the food industry should not have details, embellishments, catches or buttons on them. They must simply have pockets underneath the waist. 

  This minimal design for food processing uniforms is done to keep any free articles from incidentally tumbling into the food or getting caught anyplace in the assembling and mechanical production system. 

  In some cases, metal latches with solid pulls or Velcro are better choices to go with. For other food handling businesses, snap front food processing uniforms are the perfect answer for food handling shirts, jeans, and sterile jackets. 

SFATEC’s food processing uniforms involve rigid, fit uniforms that never have trailing finishes, fasteners or catches that could transform into potential risks for the staff anytime. Furthermore, the materials used to make these food processing uniforms comprise of tough fabrics since they need to be disinfected, washed and cleaned routinely.

No pockets on shirts and trousers:

No pockets by any stretch of the imagination anywhere on the food processing uniforms – That’s a golden rule to follow for food handling businesses. 

 Although food industry guidelines confine uniform pockets from being over the abdomen, having pockets anywhere on the food processing uniforms will put you in danger of adulterations. 

And worse, pockets also increase the chance of employees keeping things on themselves that could pollute your food items. They’re likewise a space for odds & ends or different adulterants to be shipped around your food handling facility. 

In case you’ve commissioned a uniform rental program or are thinking of employing one, make certain your supplier gives you food processing uniforms sans pockets.

Moveability shouldn’t be ignored: 

 Food processing uniforms should include pants that are made utilizing durable, strong, respirable textures in dark hues that are not inclined to discolouring, running or re-colouring. 

When food processing uniforms are made along these lines, contamination won’t be an issue and your staff will be shielded from cross-adulteration. Moreover, they will be able to carry out their job comfortably and effectively at the food handling unit.

Talk to a Uniform Rental Service that supplies HACCP food processing uniforms

SFATEC has proven expertise in the uniform rental business and is one of the first organizations in this space in India. 

To date, we have probably served the biggest food processing, Automotive Manufacturing, Electronics & Esd Control, Clean Room, Research & Development Facilities, Retail, Health Care and Restaurants & Food Service organizations in the country. 

 Our protocol-based laundering and supply process ensures that your food processing uniforms reach you at the allocated time, each week, with the utmost level of hygiene principles. We know how significant it is for you to comply with HACCP guidelines and the negative effect on your organization if something goes awry. 

At SFATEC, we adhere to rigorous procedures and go out of the way to ensure that your uniforms are delivered exactly how you ordered them! 

 Have a chat with one of our food industry specialists to understand what we can accomplish for you – You won’t be disappointed.

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